Soon To Be Classics

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oedipus Rex, He Loved His Mother

That's the funny thing about prophecy. It usually comes true but never how you expect.

To update my last story, I used the word prophecy relating to my run-in with a kindly, blind woman on a plane that told me quite matter of factly that I would get an offer on my house in a week. I'm actually trying to remember now if that's precisely what she said. That's the funny thing about prophecies. As Oedipus discovered, the devil is in the details.

No, we didn't get an offer on the house. We didn't even have a showing. No movement at all. Nothing. Nada.

But something else really peculiar and potentially and end to a means did happen. I cannot discuss it with you all, unfortunately. But it is hard to not link the two events. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

To Me

Today is my birthday. Not a particularly special one. I turned 43. 3 years past 40. 7 more to 50. 11 from the age my dad died. (Sorry, feeling a bit morbid today.)

The family is still split. We have zero movement on the house in Seattle. Bailey sent me a wonderfully scribbled birthday greeting on the MSM Messenger handwriting utility. It's hard to draw with a mouse but she drew a cake, with candles (only 2) and the words "Happy Birthday". The ironic moment of the day was a former website that more than a few times called for my firing when I was with my previous company was the first to wish me a Happy Birthday. I suspect it was an automated email.

So things are not really well. Absence makes the heart go fonder. Extend absences just kill you slowly. I get to spend a couple of days home this weekend. Then I think it's another several weeks before I can go back. I have one more day on my prophecy.

The prophecy, was when I flew from Seattle to Denver last week. I sat next to an older woman that was blind. The flight attendant asked me to help her out, which I did. We got to talking and she started telling me about her faith. She was very sweet and a joy to talk to. I told her about our situation and she said she would pray for me and that she felt God would deliver good news within a week. Tomorrow is the week. We'll see what happens.