Soon To Be Classics

Friday, June 22, 2007


I have changed my profile.

I know, WELL worth the click here, eh?

My profile used to say "I'm just a guy who tries to do right by everyone."

This is until I came to the realization that most people are just stupid, selfish, f'ing morons and I really don't care much whether I do right by you or not. Now, this is a bit of a generalization but for the most part, mankind is a bunch of blithering idiots.

So instead, I have decided that my profile should announce my desire to reach Shatnerchronicity. This is the singular point in your life when you become a living parody of yourself. It goes far beyond ego or conceit. It's when you're so comfortable with the fact that a) you no longer give a sod about 99 percent of the other jackholes on this mud ball and b) you're so cool you can reinvent yourself pretty much at will, only becoming cooler each time. (Case in point: Captain Kirk - T.J. Hooker - Denny Crane)

It could take years. Sigh.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Living In A Sewer

Warning: Serious bitching and moaning ahead.

Words simply cannot describe how much I hate living in the Northwest.

Today is June 16, 2007. The heat in the house just turned off because we program it to turn off at night while we huddle under quilts. At one time, I actually said that we would save money not running an air conditioner here (because almost no house has one). What I didn't realize is that you have to run the f'ing furnace ALL YEAR LONG.

It rains, damn near, every day. When we moved here two years ago next month, we always heard "it hardly rains here at all. We just tell people that to keep them from moving here."

Bull. Shit. It rains every damned day. In fact, it was supposed to be nice today, but decided instead to rain. Four of the seven days next week are supposed to be rain free, as today was. I guarantee it will rain somewhere in this area.

It has topped 80 one day this year. It has hit 70 maybe 6 days. Summer officially begins next week and it'll be in the 60's. This place is nothing but clouds, water, mold and worms. And right now is supposed to be the nice period.

God, do I miss the Midwest or East Coast. :(

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I normally hate to just regurgitate YouTube videos but this was damn funny and I wanted you guys to see it if you haven't.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jose Chung Has Returned to Space

In case you missed it, Charles Nelson Reilly passed away last week. He had an illustrious career playing many different characters, but mostly played himself (with character names) in shows that specialized in waltzing the Hollywood favorites through each week (IE: The Love Boat).

He was, however, most known to the sci-fi genre fan as Jose Chung, from one of the best X-Files episodes in nine seasons, "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

If you missed it, you can read the Wiki article here.

On a strictly personal note, his trademark laugh was one of the first impressions I was able to aptly perform and usually got a chuckle from my audience (provided they were old enough to know who he was).

Jose Chung himself said, "Although we may not be alone in the universe, in our own separate ways, on this planet, we are all alone."

I hope the lava men at the center of the Earth welcome you with open arms.

Celebrate Good Times, C'Mon

I haven't had a chance to blog about it but I went to work the Star Wars Celebration in Los Angeles a couple of weeks back. We were rolling out a brand new game and yet again, I was barking into a microphone entertaining the masses.

It was a very surreal feeling considering at the first Celebration, I met my wife and eventually had my kids because of it. The fact that I'm in the same industry, with a different company and a different game, and yet in the same situation is bizarre.

Some highlights:

1) Seeing Poster Planet selling full sheets of Star Wars CCG foils. The primordial instincts in me said "wannnnnntttt....".
2) I really want a Master Replicas lightsaber. Someone told me that the Hasbro versions my son and I play with are (and I quote) "ghetto lightsabers".
3) When you hit 400 pounds, switch from the Rebel flightsuit to the Jedi robes. I'm just saying.
4) When you paint your Stormtrooper armor to look like Spider-Man, you are just confused.
5) There are almost no decent restaurants near the LA convention center. However, if you're in the area, try "The Original Pantry". It serves mostly meat, smells like bleach, and the cashier is in a cage. Great food though.
6) I saw two "Thank You George" t-shirts. Now we know where those went.
7) I ran into one of the volunteers who worked for "The Company" at the first Celebration. She walked up and said "my, this looks familiar".
8) I knew this was coming, but you should watch it.
9) I still like Star Wars. Funny, but being around all of the fans (except for the scary #3) kinda made me glad to be part of something bigger.
10) My son can kick your son's ass in a lightsaber duel. I have the bruises to prove it.