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Sunday, October 26, 2008

And So I Face The Final Curtain...

The End is Near...

On Tuesday, I fly back to Seattle to pack up the rest of the house, close on it with the new buyers, put the family on a plane and hit the highway with the van and the cat. 8 months and 4 days after I left there for Denver, it's finally over.

I'll spend two days driving through three mountain ranges (in late October...can't wait) to get to Denver. I hope the title of this post isn't too prophetic.

My hope is to be here in Denver with them for trick or treat. I'll have to make good time to do it. Wish me luck.

In 8 days we close on the house down here. I probably shouldn't have purchased a house with the uncertainty in EVERYTHING these days but what the hell. There has been no stability in my family for almost a year now. I had to give them something.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the last 8 months. I think I'm only coming to terms with how depressed I have really been and hope that it's going to be easy to pull out of.

More details as they become available.


  • Great to hear you wll finally be re-united! I was rooring for your house to sell for the past 8 months!

    By Blogger Roycer, at 7:57 AM  

  • I really should use spellcheck, I meant to say I was rooting for your house to sell, not rooring.......

    By Blogger Roycer, at 7:58 AM  

  • M,

    Remember to breathe. There's only one of you. Take good care of him, while you're taking good care of everyone else.

    And don't wreck your car. Srsly. It sucks.

    And I think I like "rooring" better. But that's just me.

    By Blogger Beanie, at 8:32 AM  

  • I'm so glad to hear about the houses and the family together. Can't wait to come back when you all are there.


    By Blogger Arwen, at 11:12 AM  

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