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Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Obama Will Lose

I really despise talking politics on my blog. But I just need to point something out. It's not left-leaning or right-leaning, Republican or Democrat. It's a simple statement of my opinion as to why the Dems will lose in November.

Hatred. Pure, mean-spirited hatred.

I have never seen as much as hate from Hollywood (did you watch the Emmys?), talk shows (Jon Stewart of the Daily Show hates Sarah Palin so much he can barely contain himself), and the rest of the media (looking at you Chris Matthews).

Here are two perfect examples.

Sandra Bernhardt warns Sarah Palin she would be gang raped by blacks in Manhattan.

And another...

Saturday Night Live Sketch suggests Sarah Palin's husband has sex with his daughters.

Very classy. Only not so.

I'm sure the first story gave Obama a migrane. The second is just sickening. As a father with a daughter, regardless of the political spotlight, I maintain such an allegation is never funny, even in jest. It's disgusting.

This election has gone so far off the issues it'll never go back. A year from now when we have whichever party in office, we'll all have gotten exactly what we deserve.


  • So yes; those two pieces were in extremely poor taste and mean-spirited. You're right on both counts.

    But I have to say they pale in comparison with what I've seen the right -- and in particular the "Christian" right -- has put about Obama. (IMO you can't be Christian and say the hideous things these people say.)

    But I will agree that the degree of mean-spirited hyperbole in this election has reached epic proportions.

    So do you think Rove put Palin out there just to attract this kind of attention and undermine the "high-road" message of the Dems? It wouldn't surprise me.


    Your vegetarian, pacifist, feminist, intellectual-elitist hippie-chick friend from back home. ;)

    By Blogger Beanie, at 11:26 AM  

  • I'm a republican and I can barely contain myself on how much I dislike Palin. I don't dislike Palin as a person but as an actual Vice-Presidential candidate, are you kidding me? That's what you come up with.

    By Blogger TMac, at 5:10 PM  

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