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Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Something Afoot?

It's rare that I talk about UFO's and whether or not I believe. Of course, UFO's are real as that's just a designation for something that cannot yet be explained. Do I believe in extraterrestrial visitors coming to Earth in their own spacecraft? That's a tough call. There are days I think that the knowledge that we're not alone in the Universe is both exhilarating and frightening all at once. For the record, there is simply no way we're the only life in the Universe. But are they visiting us?

Let's take a quick test. If the U.S. government was aware (or had proof) that we were being visited, would they tell us? Of course not. I think we can all agree on that. But in a world where we are all carrying a cell phone camera in our pocket (except those of us that own a f'ing Blackberry 8830) there's simply no way to continue to cover this up, if they are. If we're truly being visited, sooner or later, some one is going to get proof.

So if you're a government, and you believe that you simply cannot keep the lid on something, how do you soften the blow? In the UFO community, there's a story that 30 years ago, a study was done trying to predict what would happen to society if the existence of extraterristrial life was known. As the story goes, the majority of society would collapse; religion, economics, social strata, etc. Would that really happen? Who knows? I guess it depends upon how our new robotic overlords introduced themselves.

So getting to the point, there were two extraordinary things that happened regarding this subject. First, France and now the British Government began opening their UFO files to the public. Now consider, Russia, Japan, some former Soviet countries and others have done the same. They're basically operating under a "no secrets, we don't know what's going on" attitude. You can read about it here. Be sure and check out this link on the now revealed Rendlesham incident.

The other story, was the Vatican spokesman that came out this last week and said that the existence of aliens fits perfectly well within the Catholic faith. Really.

Does this seem odd to anyone else that suddenly a bunch of governments are a) actually responding to requests for information and b) acknowledging the visitations are possible? (Except ours, of course.)

Or maybe I'm just excited because the X-Files trailer is now online.


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