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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starting Over

I'm going to take another crack at blogging. I got away from it for a number of reasons; probably none of them very good. I know I have a number of friends that follow it even though they don't often comment. My life is still in a state of turmoil and every once in a while, I get yelled at for not sending an update. We'll try to do better. I do think that it is probably a little therapeutic as well.

I just got off two weeks of travel. A week at Gen Con Indy and then I was misdirected to San Diego for a week there. It really, REALLY messes with your head. Just ask my wife who was forced to deal with several probably insane phone calls over the last couple of days.

Monday is the official 6 month point of this odyssey. I'm still staying with Shocho and LWC and they're wonderfully gracious hosts. I pay my way by doing silly voices for LWC. It's almost literally like singing for your supper, to use a 1930's colloquialism.

For the first time since I left Seattle, we have a family coming back to our house for a second time. They liked it the first time and they're coming back for another look. We're certainly crossing our collective fingers at the moment. Bailey is going back to her previous school which is tough. She said goodbye to her friends at the end of last year because we never dreamed it would go this far. Jameson is just getting bigger every day. I'll have missed one half of his life as a four year old. I'll never get that back but hopefully it will all be for the better.

I'll keep you posted.


  • Just hoping that things are working out for you.

    By Blogger Beanie, at 6:56 PM  

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