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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Living in the Great Northwest

Request week #2

The request was "best thing about living in the Pacific Northwest". How I answer this really depends upon my mood. On a bad day, the answer is...nothing. I have, on more than one occassion, referred to this region of the country as a sewer and wonder how sane individuals could stand living here. The amount of non-stop rain last winter was just inhumane. The traffic is awful. The local newspaper prints liberal editorial on the FRONT PAGE. Don't even get me started on gas prices and real estate costs. You can't go 100 yards without tripping over a Starbucks (note, I do NOT drink coffee).

Now, the job is good, so there is that. And the summers are to die for. They begin in late June and end in mid-August. It is very cool to see Mt. Rainier every day that it isn't cloudy so I see it about once per week.

I really miss Ohio. I was in Wisconsin last week and even though it wasn't Ohio, I knew I was in the midwest. I could just feel it and smell it. The trees were midwestern, the air was midwestern and I think we ran over a woodchuck. be home.

But I am dodging the question. The best thing about living in the Pacific NW?

Let me get back to you.


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