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Sunday, August 13, 2006

So it's no news by now that the terrorists haven't given up. Last week, MI-5 in London busted up a ring of lunatics that were planning to blow up planes with two-part chemical bombs. Good job Brits, btw.

I was at Gen Con in Indianapolis when this happened, so I knew my airline experience was about to change, again. For days, we heard whispers of "arriving 4 hours early", "don't bring liquids", "women must have breast reductions", etc.

This morning, was my return flight. I was up very late last night with a colleague and had little sleep as I checked out, THREE HOURS prior to my flight. In the back of my mind, I KNEW that we'd have noooooooo trouble at the airport. And I was right. I couldn't have gone through there any faster if I'd been on roller skates. Right to the counter, right to security and right to the gate. With 2.5 hours to spend. Ugh.

I did go through the "chemical scanner" for the first time. It was actually kind of cool. I was a little concerned that passing gas might brand me as a terrorist so I restrained myself.

What cracked me up though, was a co-worker who grumbled that they were taking the bus from now on because they were sick of "made up airport security bullshit". Sorry, but even a full-body cavity search isn't a trade-off for a 15 hour ride from hell on Greyhound.

What was interesting, was that we got on and off the plane incredibly fast. Now that the assholes who bring their entire luggage set with them on the plane had to check them, the bins stayed relatively free and the seating and de-planing went off without a hitch. My laptop was the ONLY bag in the bin above my seat on a full flight.

So we've turned another corner. This won't go away. Since the chemical threat is real, liquids will now never be allowed on planes. I guess that's ok. I can deal with it. For those who can't, Greyhoud is in the Yellow Pages.


  • Yeah. 3 hours early my butt. Try about 15 minutes to get through and 2 1/2 boring hours I could have been sleeping.

    By Blogger DEATH_BY_MONKEYS, at 10:14 PM  

  • It'll be interetsing to see how the US business community reacts if they ban all electronics onbopard (detonators) and then perhaps all carry on.

    My mate just came to LA from the UK, weren't even allowed to take a book or magazine aboard. Someone explain that one too me.

    I do wonder sometimes if perhaps "the terrorists" never expect to get away with these plots, they just like upping the "Threat Level" and forcing the rich westerners to spend hours and millions $ on tryingto plug every hole.

    By Blogger Aussie-Askew, at 12:24 PM  

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