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Monday, September 11, 2006


- Because the events of that day touched me and my family. I had to take over for a talk show host that was pulled off the air and try to explain to my audience what was happening when I didn't know myself.
- Because I can only feel a fraction of what thousands of families lost that day for a senseless, stupid reason.
- Because I don't dismiss the tradegy and horror of that day due to my political beliefs.
- Because hundreds of police officers and firefighters aided and rescued their fellow men and women.
- Because hundreds of those same police officers and firefighters died in those same selfless acts.
- Because I don't consider it inconvenient to my life to stop and remember those sacrifices like others do. Thousands of families will never "get on with their lives".
- Because those thousands of families deserve a day to express their anguish and appreciation.
- Because I went to Ground Zero and read the names.

Today is the 5th anniversary of 9-11. Please stop your busy day for one second and say a prayer for the lives lost that day.


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