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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I didn't get a chance to blog about 24 this last week but I did have a few comments to make so pardon the tardiness. It was a pretty eventful hour so I hope I remember everything correctly.

1) So if I'm a terrorist in a building, and I see a truck speeding toward me with 5 guys HANGING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CAR I shouldn't be worried, right? Maybe they got one of those really bad air fresheners at the car wash.

2) WTF was up with Edgar running up to Chloe and then just standing there with a maniacal look on his face. She said "What?" and he replied "Nuthing." and turned away. ($10 says the script actually spelled "nuthing".) That creeped the shit out of me on my big screen tv. If I was Chloe, I would have shot him and yelled "It's ok everyone, just another mole! We got him! Back to work! I'm going to run him through a high-pass filter."

3) We know that CTU has a problem with background checks since there's a spy or mole EVERY SEASON. (Next year, it's going to be CTU mascot who runs around wearing a giant foam head of FDR.) But when the hitman walked through the metal detector, it didn't beep. Not even his GIANT FREAKING BELT BUCKLE set it off. I have too much iron in my diet and I set off not just airport metal detector I'm walking through but those in the next terminal as well.

4) Audrey is pretty. I've seen a lot of criticism on her this year on blogs. Grow up. Yes, she's a stick, but so what?

5) I love the split screen "Jack Bauer vs. Walt Cummings" moment at the end of the episode. I really expected to see an explosion and a wrestling cage to wheel out. You know, if Walt was really smart, he'd just avoid jack for another 20 hours and he'd be fine. As it is, he's probably going to have something sharp shoved in a very bad place.

6) Why does Jack kill everyone he could question??

7) Oh yeah. Does anyone remember the Chinese that wanted Jack? Hmmmm.....


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