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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Two thumbs, way up!" - Denny Crane

How can you not love William Shatner?

Wait, don't answer if you don't. I don't know why, but I've always been a fan. He's about the only Trek actor I've never met but I'm still a fan. I watched Star Trek, T.J. Hooker (although perhaps not for Shatner as I was 12) and I loved his first appearances on The Practice, which led to his first Emmy AND his recurring role as Denny Crane.

Now, his latest enterprise (pun intended) is a DVD club. However, you won't get a cheap copy of Cocktail here. Rather, this is a club that focuses on sci-fi films that never got a fair shake in the theaters. It's interesting to see Shatner boldly go (pun intended) into the realm of sci-fi, especially with his interest to put Kirk behind him. Still, the critics have looked at the club's choices and have fairly positive comments. Better still, you get a free DVD just for signing up.

Ok Bill, I plugged your club. Will you please repeal the restraining order???


  • A quick aside: Why is his hair green?

    By Blogger Mkae, at 6:32 PM  

  • Mmm... algae growing on his hairpiece?

    Personally I have never been a fan of Shatner. I saw him make an appearance at a small convention, and he just seems to be too full of himself.


    By Blogger Major Rakal, at 8:07 PM  

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